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Crash and Sperm III.
Crash & Sperm III: The Menacing Minge.
The doctors have worked their magic and stitched up my stick,
Now I can be a master-mater with a spanking new dick.
My girlfriend’s forgiven me, knowing I was trying to impress,
I made sure her house was clear of my sticky spunky mess.
But my parents still have me under lock and key,
They think for some reason I’m a danger to society.
Anyone would think I’m some kind of sex offender,
But if anything I’ve been more of a ‘minge defender’.
My supposed crimes against humanity are vast and long...
Now nicknamed the ‘Artful Todger’ what else could go wrong?
My girlfriend feels bad that I’ve suffered through such humiliation,
So she agrees to come round, since I’m still on penile probation.
As my family are out I decide to cook her a romantic meal,
My tool is still recovering so all I want is to chill.
The night is meant to be all soppy and corny,
However, she’s just being frisky an
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We will hold hands together,
Smile and laugh together.
Share the moments together,
Create a life together.
We will face our fears together,
Wipe each other’s tears together.
Comfort one another together,
And go on a journey together.
We will fight through together,
We can strive together,
If we can plan together,
We must stand together.
If we can cry together,
We must try together.
If we do this together,
We can help each other...
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 2 3
Together we may struggle,
But without you all I feel is pain.
A lot of the time it seems confusing,
But there is one thing that will never change.
The feelings I have for you don't fade or go away,
They continue to grow stronger each day with this.
Life without you is something I can't imagine.
From within my soul, it's you I'd miss.
I understand this world more then you may know.
I could believe in fate and put up a fight.
But you and I are not written.
Although its a truth I'd like to write.
We both have scars deep within,
With memories that can not be erased,
Dreams that are out of our control.
In your hands my heart has been placed.
This is a choice I have made.
I understand the risk I take.
Please hold my heart dear to you.
Careful to never let it break.
If you do stumble or fall,
Please don't forget to gather all the pieces.
It's your choice of what to do with them.
But my love for you never ceases.
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 2 0
Fragile Heart
My beating heart is weak,
Things looking so bleak.
Only stitches and glue,
Doing what they can do.
Keeping it all from bursting or tearing apart,
But you already knew about my fragile heart.
My Heart was completely whole once before,
But enduring the pain became a chore.
It used to beat with a passion,
Always filled with compassion.
Long before it learned how to bleed,
But the world is filled up with greed.
It gave up on pumping, forgot how to love,
The light was fading, the push came to a shove.
Teary eyes and memories, my hearts seen it all,
It constantly watched me get up, only to fall.
Feeling abandoned, broken and betrayed,
Only by stiches and glue, it was saved.
Stiches and glue brought it together,
Heart now feeling light as a feather.
Glue sealed all the cracks,
Stitches closed the gaps.
Deep down, you knew about all this too,
Because where there was stitches and glue...
There was you.
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 7 0
An Angel too Soon
An Angel too Soon
Upon a cold Monday afternoon, I finished work the same as any other day,
But then I received a heart sinking message, one that was enough to turn me grey.
The colour drained out of me, I started to turn to stone,
An Angel too soon I thought, it sent a chill right to the bone.
My mind was a mess; I was dazed and confused,
I just sat there staring and re-reading the news.
A flood of tears poured out, I felt like I was going to drown,
An Angel too soon I thought, please don't go come back down.
I rushed to see my Loved ones; they confirmed that her time was near,
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, my body filled with fear.
Tuesday the 31st of January at 12:32pm, a day forever etched into my mind,
An Angel too Soon I thought, please don't leave us behind.
From that day on everything and everyday was just one big blur,
We all tried our best to cope; we wanted to do our best for her.
There were tributes galore, if only she could have seen,
An Angel to soon I thou
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 1 0
2 years.
Over two years have passed,
Flashed by ever so fast,
And you're still by my side every day,
Holding my hand showing me the way.
You were there though the good,
Through all the pain we withstood,
You were the one that I always depended on,
Not knowing it was you that made me strong.
I never could have imagined life as one,
Even the thought of it made me turn and run,
Yet you're still standing here with love in your heart,
That never diminished even in the times we're apart.
But now you're mine and forever you'll be,
The love of my life and the only woman for me,
And as each day passes and we grow old,
I know it will be you that I forever hold.
I want to spend my final days with you,
Walk down the aisle and tell you "I do",
For richer or poorer - till death do us part,
Forever you will hold - the key to my heart.
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 4 4
I dream of you.
I dream of that one hot sunny day I met you,
Birds singing, flowers blooming and the sky so blue.
I've cherish that very moment, so precious inside my heart,
And since then made a wish for us, to never ever part.
I dream of you every single day and night,
Just being with you feels oh-so right.
Our love being as sharp as a blade of a knife,
You've gifted me the most precious thing in life.
I dream of only you, my angel from above,
Because you are my one and only love.
Gazing up as a bright shooting star passes, I quietly pray.
That our bond is like the night lovingly greetings the day.
I dream of you, every second of the day,
I long to be with you, in each and every way.
If ever there's a problem or things are not going right,
I'll sit down with you and discuss it until it is bright.
I dream of you holding my hand, walking by my side,
These moments that make me feel incredible pride.
I can't hide my love for you, so dear, precious and true,
I promise that my heart will always lead back
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 3 2
Sam's Favourites Compilation 2
Sam's Favourites Compilation 2
One by one, these memories of our historic past,
We sit down and look back on, it went by so fast.
Here lies a shattered, realistic dream,
Forgotten hopes, ripped from the seam.
You are the dagger within me, the knife in my heart,
You hurt me in every way, you have torn me apart.
You was always my favourite hello and my hardest goodbye,
But then it all came to an end, I just wish you'd tell me why.
The damage you have done will always stay with me,
The pain that you have caused may never cease to be.
Your love was all I needed, to stand my ground,
Hope was all I wanted, pain was all I found.
The fire in my heart is now a dying breed,
Ready to be extinguished ready to bleed.
As the day I lost you was the day I cried,
But the day I lost my heart was the day I died.
You hit me hard, you cut me deep,
You struck me down, you made me weep.
You put me through pain; you put me through fear,
You had tortured my body just for that tear.
Day in day out I alwa
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 0 0
Fallen Ashes
Fallen Ashes
A new year, a new decade and a new start,
Most say the same but I say it from the heart.
As the day I found you was the day the sky lit up,
Sparks flew as a new romance was about to erupt.
The colourful explosion of a passion so vast,
The fallen ashes of a dying past.
The rebirth of a feeling I once lost,
I am ever grateful that our paths crossed.
I approached the New Year with anxiety and fear,
But since I met you a shimmer of hope became clear.
The stunning colours that make up the sky tonight,
That special day of the year that makes things so bright.
If it wasn't for you then my curtains would have been drawn,
I would have missed my vital chance for my heart to be reborn.
But you a miracle and a natural splendour to this Earth,
You have graced me with the chance to finally show my worth.
I knew right from the start with that magic sparkle in your eyes,
That we could have something special with no need for goodbyes.
Sparks began to fly wildly when we chose to go h
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 2 2
Time Is Love
Time Is Love
A second without you is a wasted one,
A minute without you should not be done.
An hour without you is hard to bare,
A Day without you I wouldn't dare.
A Week without you I struggle to cope,
A Month without you I still live in hope.
A Year without you my hopes and dreams start to fade,
A Decade without you my body has decayed.
But a World without you is not one for me,
If you weren't in my Life I don't know where I'd be.
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 2 0
Life's So Much Better With You
Loving you always be the best thing I have ever done,
Was like a new chapter of my life had just begun.
Because, I love you since I first met you,
The first time I saw you, I knew this was true.
Without you, my life will be empty and dark
I would be lost without you, a heart with no spark.
My darling, I will always love you, I do,
Life is always better when I'm with you.
With all my troubles, you always help me,
With all my doubts, you always help me see.
If I said, no-one cares about me at all,
When I feel there is no lower I can fall,
You always say that you do...
And I'd the same for you.
I just have to let you know,
I'll never ever let you go.
I've fallen in love with you hun,
I love you more than anyone.
My feelings for you will never change,
All I ask for is your heart in exchange.
Anytime you need me, anytime you feel harm
I'll be there, with a shoulder and open arms.
Just remember one thing,
As we pass through spring.
That fateful day was a year ago.
And now I hope you won't ev
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 6 3
Love like a Rainbow
Love like a Rainbow
There's nothing quite the same as a rainbow full of love,
The vast colours for all eyes to see.
The beauty in each tone and the life it can give,
Love is a rainbow which does not fade.
If a rainbow is lost then a heart is too,
Colour is the essence of this earth.
If there was no love nor colour in the world,
Then the world as we know it wouldn't exist.
But how is love like a colour? Some might ask,
Well there is only one way I can explain.
The following feelings are ones you and I may have had,
But some are ones we will never want...
Love was green when I first met you,
I felt a natural bond which we both shared.
This ever growing feeling I felt,
It was one that made me feel good but scared.
The pink was when we had some great laughs,
We met up and had a good time.
It meant a lot to impress and make you happy,
I just wanted to make you mine.
Then came the sweet yellow time of romance,
Like when you made a daisy chain for me.
The times like when you kissed my
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 2 0
Beauty of the Cursed Charm
Beauty of the Cursed Charm
Evil shall rise, evil shall form,
All that's left is for you to mourn.
Evil shall kill, evil shall sin,
You are my Queen, I am your King.
Evil shall hurt, evil shall fight,
Darkness shall rule, down with the light.
Evil won't stop as evil shall twist,
We shall devour your with in the mist.
Evil is cruel, evil shall scour,
We'll hunt you down hour after hour.
Evil is nasty, evil shall scorn,
You will wish you had never been born.
Evil wants power, evil shall prevail,
We are the demons that you will hail,
Evil shall dictate, good will perish,
Run for your life if that's what you cherish.
Because evil shall rise while good will fall,
Then very soon we shall destroy you all.
You think you are good but you're actually one of us,
So think again when you decide who to trust.
As evil shall distort and evil shall win,
We will take you over so you better give in.
As evil shall lie and then evil shall harm,
Since this is the beauty of the cursed charm.
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 1 0
Crash and Sperm II
Crash & Sperm II: The Rise of the Penis 
My penis has recovered and the builders have done their trick,
Her parents have forgiven me but think I'm a prick. 
Now I have a second chance to try and impress,
I have to give it my all and give it my best. 
Last time my train missed it's tunnel and it turned out horribly wrong,
I'm scarred after it happened, so I need something to assist my dong. 
I need something to ensure I can win her heart and win her hole,
I'll start by shaving my pubes and getting rid of my mole. 
I searched the web and found something that would make me "indickstructible",
It was a brand of Viagra saying it was impossible for me to fail at all. 
I saw the outrageous price it was for, but it was one I was willing to pay,
Because if all my ideas happened to crash and burn, I would have to become gay. 
I was being overwhelmed by my wet dreams that I wanted it to be true,
So I arranged a night of passion with her, I won
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 2 126
One Year, No Love
One Year, No Love
A year has passed to this day,
Where you had took my heart away.
My love for you may still remain,
But all its done is brought me pain.
There are so many things I wish I'd told you,
There are so many things I wish we'd done.
We could have had something truly special,
But you left me and made me feel unsung.
The fire in my heart is now a dying breed,
Ready to be extinguished ready to bleed.
I made my mistakes just like any other man,
But no one will ever love you like I can.
I did once say I miss you the most,
But now I say I need you the most.
As the day I lost you was the day I cried,
But the day I lost my heart was the day I died.
It's been my one year, no love and I find it hard to survive,
You've moved on and left me fighting to stay alive.
Oh I only wish you could once again show me your beautiful smile,
It's been my one year, no love looks like I'll have to wait a while....
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 0 0
For Eternity
So take my hand and help me see,
What the future holds, of everything that can be.
I believe in whatever you try,
You, I'll forever stand by...
For Eternity.
Will you tell me to look up, and take me away...
To a place, where the world is not grey?
So will you guide me through this, and catch me if I fell,
So will you embrace me, keep me safe and well?..
For Eternity.
My heart beats, for one person,
You are all I need, the one reason.
Everyday seems so complicated and dark when you're not here,
I just wish that I could always keep you near...
For Eternity.
Build me so strong, with your care and love,
Help me through my troubles, soar like a dove,
For only in death, we can be apart,
But you, will always remain in my heart...
For Eternity.
When I'm with you, Eternity is a step away,
My love continues to grow with each passing day,
I love you deeply, so much,
You make my heart skip a beat, everytime we touch...
For Eternity.
I pray that this moment lasts forever,
Because I want you with me
:iconspirits-of-amour:Spirits-of-Amour 3 6


Sam here, I would like to apologize for our absence. As you all know things change in life and it's easy to run out of time to do the things you Love. I've been meaning to write a new poem for over a year but I've just never gotten round to it.

Unfortunately after receiving and having to deal with some devastating news it has changed my life forever and really put things into perspective. From this heart breaking time it has not only given me some free time but it has really put me back in touch with my poetry side. With this I have finally written my first poem for a long long time. It might be a bit rusty and not my best work but it means a lot to me. I aim to continue and to write more regularly.

The poem is called "An Angel too Soon" please check it out. Much Love xxx
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